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Emergency Management-Centric iPad Apps

The utility of the iPad directly correlates to the apps used. I had a few dollars left on an App Store gift card, so I spent the balance on two emergency-management centric apps. These are digital versions of two valuable references that are familiar to most first responders.

The first is the Emergency Response Guidebook (.99, Gary Huntress). This is an iPhone only app, so it will not run full screen on the iPad without the blockiness of the 2x feature. This is an electronic version of the reference document that many first responders use on a daily basis when responding to the initial phase of HAZMAT incidents. You can search by chemical name, which makes finding the information you need during the crucial first moments of a HAZMAT incident faster and easier. The ERG app also features initial response guidance and placard information and diagrams.


The second app is also an electronic version of a familiar HAZMAT reference guide. NIOSH Chemical Hazards ($2.99, Random Support) is an electronic version of the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Safety. This is a valuable reference for the later phases of an incident. Like the ERG app, this lets you search by chemical or trade name as well as synonyms and CAS or RTECS numbers. One feature I like is that you can add substances to a “favorites list,” so you can rapidly reference commonly-encountered substances.

These apps place a lot of valuable information into my hands in a rapidly accessible format. When used together, they provide information that can guide all phases of a HAZMAT response. If you’re an emergency management professional or first responder that uses an iPad, then you need these apps. Both are highly recommended.

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